I had no idea this was even playing and never saw a trailer this spring for the movie but when I see something that has Steve Carell, Rob Cordry, and Sam Rockwell it can't be too bad, right?  Right.  It's an offbeat coming of age dark comedy set at a summer beach house with all the things you expect in a movie like this: crazy drunk adults, kids that think their parents suck, plenty of teen angst, etc. etc.  Think of it as a mini Big Chill meets Juno and Napoleon Dynamite.  Rockwell plays a 40 plus dude that has been working at a water park for years and makes a great time of it.  He takes in the nerdy son and helps him gain some confidence by making him part of the crew.  That's all I'm saying.  Just go see this and enjoy.
A family on holiday vacation in Thailand gets torn apart by the 2004 Christmas tsunami and lives to tell about it.  Truly is a story that is almost impossible to believe.  Great special effects put you in the wave of destruction.  It's hard to imagine what was going on in the aftermath of such a devastating event but you get your chance to see it recreated in great detail.  It's just incredible that a family of 5 could actually all live then find each other during this ordeal.  The scenes of chaos are recreated in great detail: impossible terrain, language barriers, debris on top of debris, and shock.  The only thing this film is missing that would put you at the scene would be the smell of decay and rot.  But don't worry, your brain will figure that one out.  Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts.
My wife read this book a few years ago and was curious how they could possibly make this a movie.  Well, we've come a long way with CGI effects, so no problem.  Here's the set up.  Family in India owns a zoo.  Things go bad so they need to move to Canada and sell their exotic animals to zoo's in North America.  Big challenge - get zoo animals from India to Canada.  They load everything up in a huge ship and set sail.  Enter major storm and capsizing ship.  All that is left is the son, Pi, a life raft, and a Bengal tiger.  That's right - stuck at sea floating around with a Bengal tiger in a life boat - and tiger starts getting hungry.  These two have an amazing journey floating around the sea for weeks with Pi trying to figure out how to co-exist with the beast and not become the next meal.  The special effects are amazing and the world they live in becomes almost cartoonish at times but in a good way.  The story is told by Pi in his older age reflecting back on his journey - not only with the tiger - but also through life in general.  Always searching the world around, above, and inside him for deeper meaning.  You can come out of this flick with several take aways and they can all be right.  That's pretty cool.  With the PG rating this is good for kids old enough to sit still for 2 hours.
Skipped this on opening weekend because I just couldn't get the whole talking Teddy bear thing to add up.  Then I realized it doesn't matter.  I love Family Guy and American Dad which means I watch cartoons at 42 so why in the hell would I have a hard time with a talking teddy bear?  I mean, I'm obviously okay with a talking infant and a stowaway alien living with a CIA agent.  "Get over it!", I says to myself and glad I did.  Now, if you go into this movie and know its about a dope smoking, sexist, racist, crude and rude talking Teddy bear and you leave mad about that, then shame on you.  Starring Marky Mark (sans the Funky Bunch) and Mila Kunis (her name just sounds dirty), the flick has star power and comic power which add up to a solid punch.  Seth Macfarlane gets to let loose with his R rating and lets the offensive lines fly.  It must have been very liberating.  I have to admit that the writing in Family Guy seems overall better.  Not sure if other people had to get involved or if they were going for more mass appeal, but some of the lines were so in your face that they just sounded dumb.  Low brow to a low brow level.  Ted still has enough laugh out loud scenes that will make up for it.  It is what it is people.  Be warned.
Well, it's about time.  I've finally seen a very good, not great, but very good movie in 2012.  And it's also about time that Jack Black uses his talents in a way other than total bafoonary.  Based on the true story of a funeral director in Carthage, TX.  Bernie is a pillar of his community, loved by most, and celebrated by the elderly for his awareness of their needs in times of loss.  The film uses interviews with real people of Carthage that speak about Bernie and who he was or what he meant to them.  Black really immerses himself in the character and delivers a great performance especially since the real life Bernie has some of the quirkiness that Black himself portrays.  Shirley Maclaine plays the widow that Bernie consoles and eventually becomes her full time help or slave depending on your perspective.  It's a great match and fun to watch these two work together.  I think the hometown people of Carthage make this movie and take it to another level.  You can't script some of the one liners they spout off.  It's just good ol' country folks saying it like it is.  Bernie makes some bad decisions - one that will alter the rest of his life, but he still makes the best of it.  And because of that, you leave feeling that everything will be alright.  Don't miss this one.
Well, it all finally comes together.  It took a few years and lots of comic book movies to build us up, but here it is.  The team gets assembled.  You know all the players - Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain America.  Ummm, and Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson playing themselves, I guess?  Are they even super heroes?  I mean, I know she's hot and sure, I like seeing her kill guys between her thighs but how do you survive all this chaos with that power and a .38?  And Renner has a bow and arrow?  Jeremy? We're fighting people with machine guns and futuristic weapons and you're showing up with a bow and arrow?  The bad guys are coming out of a space warp vortex time travel tunnel thingy, not the Mayflower!!  Anywho, I thought the whole thing came out great.  As long as you remember you are at a comic book movie, you'll be alright.  It's a fun ride with everything you expect if you've seen the build up movies.  Downey Jr. is a smartass, Thor is the baddest of them all, Hulk is insane, and Captain America is still soft.  As nutty as the whole Hulk thing is, they did a good job going with the craziness and adding humor.  I really think that Hulk ends up stealing the show in the end.  Bravo comic book nerds, Bravo!
Let me start with this - I don't like the horror genre much at all.  I'm not even sure this is horror.  Is this what they call "campy"?  Don't get me lying.  All I know is this - I can't believe that was the same dude in Thor!  Not even going to really get into why I didn't like this because it's all the reasons that some people DO like it. A jock, the cheerleader, the quiet virgin girl, and the stoner walk into a bar....  You know where this is going.  I'm always the guy rooting for the stoners, but I just wanted the stoner in this movie to die as fast as possible - and he doesn't.  And just when I'm finally starting to embrace the zombies - BAM!! It's like the movie is a bloated blood and guts bag full of 100 years of creepy crawlies that blows up in your face for the final 20 minutes.  I don't get it, I don't get it, I don't get it.
"Neeson! Neeson!  Where for art thou Liam Neeson?!?"
"Gettin' paid!  Cashin' checks, beeeaaaiiitch!!"
I guess work is work and The Grey is paying some bills.  I'll give the movie a few compliments first.  They really do a great job filming the shots in the elements and make you feel like you are freezing your butt off in an arctic storm.  Some of the shots are just down right beautiful.  The story is a stretch, yet compelling, and the relationship between Neeson and the wolves is a solid add, but... (yes, I like big but's and I can't deny!)  This flick just flies off the rails at every chance it gets.  From the cliche characters to their cliche lines that you see coming from 30,000 feet.  It's like the movie Alive without people eating each other or good acting.  Neeson makes every attempt to save the film with his "I'm the big tall bad ass old-ish Irish guy having a bad life that talks real low and threatening in a father-like loving way" thing.  You know what I mean?  If you are going to sit through this, make sure to stay until the end.  I mean the bitter end.  After the credits - you get the money shot!
I never watched the TV show and if it was anything like this, good for me.  I'm an admitted sucker for Jonah Hill and the trailer looked decent so I had high hopes. After seeing this mess I can't figure out how it's getting fresh scores on the tomato meter. Am I missing something?  I stayed for the entire movie and didn't fall asleep or pass out so.....  Tatum's character was dumber than the dumb guy he was.  The only reason this movie gets two bananas is because of Jonah Hill.  He makes up for the crap dialogue by his delivery of the crap.  Kind of like a very good waiter bringing you a shit meal.  You eat it and still leave a tip.  Just about how you feel after dropping a $20 while seeing this clown show.
I thought I knew quite a bit about Bob Marley's life and music but really didn't.  Some things I thought were fact just were not correct.  The guy's life was interesting from the word "go".  Where he came from and where he ended up are beyond improbable.  Marley's music is timeless and will be passed on from generation to generation as long as people listen.  If you only think of Bob as a dope smoking Rasta then you only know half the story.  I recommend this to anyone that is a fan of music as Marley's catalog is as strong as anyone that lived the short life he did.  His impact on the people of Jamaica and around the world is undeniable and the message of love and unity are something we should all live by.  The weed is optional.....